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Finding a newspaper in our collection is easy with the online index as it searches for newspapers by location and date. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Enter the name of a town, village, or populated place in Connecticut. The database associates smaller places with larger towns that may have carried area news.
  • Enter a year or range of years. We have Connecticut newspapers from 1758 to the present. Enter the year or year range only, not a specific calendar date. If you leave this field blank, the index will search from 1758 to the present.
  • Click on "Display search results" to see what is available. The titles listed will have links to our online catalog. Catalog entries will indicate if the title is available in microfilm or not, and give other details about our holdings of that title.

Year or range of years:  


Research Hint: the results are arranged by geographic nearness to the town you requested:
  1. Titles in the town in question, if any. These are very useful.
  2. Newspapers published in other towns that had coverage of the town in question. These are also useful.
  3. Newspapers that cover the county in which the town in question is located. (Still somewhat useful).
  4. All the rest of the titles in the state, in order of distance from the target town. Generally, statewide newspapers may not be as useful to you.
  5. The Exception: Prominent statewide or regional newspapers may also Cover major events in your town of interest (Examples: the Flood of 1955, or a movie star's visit to the town) When in doubt, ask a reference librarian!

Another Research Hint: if the catalog says the title is on microfilm, you can use that microfilm in the comfort and convenience of your local library! Contact the reference librarian at your library to borrow the microfilm from us through Interlibrary Loan.

Yet Another Research Hint: if the catalog says the newspaper location is "Offsite Newspapers" or "Special Collections," you should call in advance of your visit so that we can have the newspaper available for you. To talk to a History and Genealogy reference librarian, call (860) 757 - 6581.

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